Hi from Spain!!

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Alfredo I live Segovia (Spain) and I've just discover this forum
I'm a newcomer to wet shaving world (about four months wet classic shaver), before I usually shaved with electric razor and I wasn't happy with the results, I shave full head except goatee.
Currently I'm using DE safety razors, lathering mostly on face since I haven't discovered the advantages of mug lathering yet. I'm waiting two straight razors to be delivered....(one ZY 430+ and a Golden Dollar 209).

- Gillette Tech? (butterfly) made in UK with blue handle from 70's (code Gillette Y-2). This is IMHO a gentle shaver, ideal for beginners.
- Gillette with double open comb and hexagonal handle in three segments (I don't know the age of this one, but for sure is brass made, chrome platted). (I haven't dared to try this razor yet).
- Iberia deluxe (steel handle and copper-chrome platted head, closed comb). Based on the blade - comb gap, this is a quite aggressive razor, but in real life it works like a charm and glides smothly with a Voskhod blade. (Currently this razor is my favourite).
- Baili with dented close comb. (in shipping process).
- QShave clone of Merkur Futur (in shipping process).

-BIC yellow box (not my taste will never buy again).
-Voskhod Teflon Coated, I love these!!
-Wilkinson Sword from India.

-Wilkinson boar (all-rounder ok for face lathering ).
-Casalfe boar (don't buy).
-ZY best badger (in shipping process).
-ZY horse (in shipping process).
-ZY nylon badger silvertip imitation with plastic handle (travel brush fast drying and cheap).

-Floid Shaving oil (it isn't normally in my routine).

-La Toja Stick.
-La Toja Cream for sensitive skin.
-Proraso Green Soap.
-DIY Soap: Made by melting glicerine soap and adding olive oil, argan, mint, neem and rosehip. My fav now Smile.

-Clásico de la Toja.
-DIY argan, rosehip and mint.
-Alum Stick.