Hello from North Wales

North Wales
Just a brief introduction.

I have recently discovered this excellent forum and decided I'd like to be involved and pick up some shaving knowledge.

I've been enjoying wet shaving now for around 12 years and as should be expected after that time my technique is pretty good. Although I love the look of safety razors and brushes especially vintage ones I'm not really into collecting them. I prefer having a decent variety of products instead.

I have just bought a secondhand Feather AS-D2 which even after 2 shaves is going to be a keeper, a vintage Velvet open comb and my old Muhle R89 which is relegated to spare. I have two brushes, a Rooney 1/2 Silvertip and a Simpson Captain 2, I'm a bowl latherer.

Thanks for having me and looking forward so some good shaving banter.

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