Hello everyone

I’m new to The Shaving Room so don’t know how to post photo, but atm I only have two razors both with custom handles, one is an Above the Tie DE razor, the other a Gillette fusion.
I shave both my face and head and use the ATT on my face, the Fusion for head shaving, however I should be receiving a Blackland Vector SE in a couple days, I also plan on getting the new Paradigm Titanium DE which according to Andrew of Paradigm will be available in the not too distant future.
Andrew sent me a photo of the new Titanium DE’s handle, and imo it looks stunning.
Welcome to TSR. Be careful using the Vector; it could put you off DE razors.
From what I’ve read about the vector it may do that, although I might just use the vector for head shaving and my DE for face.
Regarding the vector I ordered, I also ordered its stand.
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