Head shaving what's you choice?

Either Progress or Ming Shi Futur clone, because I can change the settings for each pass. However, it is the texture of the lather that makes the difference, almost liquid for me.
I only recently tried shaving my head.

I found a DE can be awkward to keep the angle.
However I found a gem 1912 good as the top plate almost touching the head is far easier to feel & get right when I can't see what I am doing.

I only go with the grain which doesn't get me that close. However I found ATG can cause irritation much like my face.

I also use oil instead of soap on my head
I'm using boldking! Very sharp and least for a month (minimum shaving my head twice per week)! Plans to buy a leaf shaver but at that price I have to wait a little bit!
Michigan, United States
I shaved my head for years with a Norelco electric shaver. I wanted to try using a blade but could not summon the courage to put a blade to the back of my head. One day I bought a HeadBlade and it sat unused for two weeks until I returned it. A week later I grabbed my Gillette SuperSpeed and started shaving my head. Three nicks later I finished. When I felt the back of my head I felt something I never felt there before. It was baby butt smooth. My hand was bloody but the BBS feel had me hooked. Now over a year later I shave with my SuperSpeed with Astra SP's or Personna Lab Blues daily usually nick free. The only time I do nick myself now is with a fresh blade. So when I start a new blade I only use it to shave my face for the first shave.
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