Harris Tweed jackets.

Mines a Harris Tweed Jacket By Aquascutum
I think its called dogtooth pattern, had it years

I used to wear it for the Game Fairs I worked on .

I'm a bit of a HT aficionado - I have three: a dogtooth vintage from the 1960s, a green one and a rust brown one. I also have a grey herringbone overcoat that I was lucky enough to be given in virtually brand-new condition: a friend had bought it in a Spring sale, worn it about twice, then put it away for the Summer. Come Autumn, he had put on quite bit of weight, so......he gave it to me, and you know what? It is a perfect fit!
Mine's a classic grey herring bone pattern, made by Hammersley tailors, no idea when. I bought it for £10 secondhand almost 30 years ago but it doesn't show its age, it will probably outlast me.

I see Marks & Spencer now has a Harris Tweed jacket in their range. Yours for £249!

I've only just noticed the registration number on the Harris Tweed label. Is there a web site that can relate that number to a year of weave or manufacture?

I have a Harris Tweed overcoat (Green brown yellow; originally made for Burton) made on 06.03.1959; 56 years old and still looks good. Picked it up for £20 many years ago and still comes out every winter. Have been stopped in London, by someone asking where they could get one from.
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