Hand Soap

Always used Pears until they changed the formulation a few years ago.
This made me curious, so I googled Pears Soap and was met with a tirade of angry Amazon 1-star reviews. Seems incredible that something so long established would change into something almost unrecognisable. I haven't used it pre ingredient changes, but have had 2 shaves using it as pre-shave to soften the stubble. I can't say I like the smell, and whilst it must have done some good in hydrating and prepping me for the shave, it just seemed to really aggravate my face, I mean my face actually hurt before & during putting the lather on. It then felt very sore, dry and tight afterwards. As it was a late night shave, I then retired to bed and lay there with my face feeling horrible. I'd only done a gentle, 2 x WTG pass shave to boot, followed by moisturiser.

According to this article, the old time-honoured ingredients list featured 8 ingredients, which increased to an insane 24 after the changes, and it now includes Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Linalool.


That article was from 2010 and gives the impression that they would be returning to something more akin to the old formula due to the glut of complaints from long time users of the soap. Did they not end up doing that then? I may still have the box, but I seem to recall there being loads of ingredients in it still, so was wondering if it actually changed back at all? I'm somewhat wary of it now, as I have read in numerous articles about trying to avoid products with chemicals like SLS in them. If there are good pre-shave soaps without such chemicals in, I'd be interested to hear about them.
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