Hai Karate Eastern Spice

Scotland Near Glasgow
Arrived a couple of days ago. The front of the box is a little tatty but everything else is in brilliant condition. Unfortunately I cant seem to find much info on this scent on google other than some images and adverts of it, no reviews or any results on forums that I can find.


Firstly I wasn't around when this was out and have never smelled the original Hai Karate never mind this variant. Unlike Old Spice (Which my grandfather wore) I don't have any nostalgia for it at all to possibly cloud any judgement on it. All I knew of Hai Karate for years like Brut is of it being the go to joke whenever people spoke about the 70s on TV or in real life. I finally decided to take the plunge and buy this on eBay last week totally blind, I knew if I didn't like it, it would at least be something cool to sit on a shelf because I at least like the bottle and "self defence instructions". :LOL:

Now i'm not very good at describing notes so i'll keep this "review" from my modern nose as brief as possible. I was really surprised with this aftershave since as I mentioned before all i've known for years is it being the cheap old aftershave that supposedly belonged back in the 70s. I actually really like the smell of this and as the name suggests it is spicy and masculine, Im really getting some similarities to Old Spice with it. I don't know if the colour of the liquid is tricking my nose but to me it smells like Old Spice with a "citrusy" boost. Id really love to find the scent notes for this because surprisingly its a really nice not too overpowering fragrance if not overused as it is still an old masculine fragrance. I havent actually gotten round to wearing this but when I do I imagine a dab on the wrists and neck would probably suffice. I feel like I've possibly discovered an underrated gem in this aftershave, everyone has talked about the polarising original but I cant find any opinions on this scent.

I'll give some extra thoughts on it when I get a chance to wear it to test the longevity and see how it drys down on my skin. Its got me interested in trying the original now :unsure:

Does anyone else own/owned this scent that could share their thoughts on it too?
Try Fragrantica.com and basenotes.com, these sights review and break down the scent profiles.
By the way, Hai Karate came out in the early 60’s, not the 70’s.
Hope this helps.
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