Grooming tools care

How do you guys take care and clean of your other grooming tools besides your razors? I'm talking beard and nose hair scissors, nail clippers, tweezers etc.? Would spraying them with alcohol be enough for disinfecting?
Spraying with alcohol isn't cleaning really.

Combs - once in couple of years I clean them with old toothbrush and dish soap. Otherwise just running them under hot water occasionally is good enough. If you use hair styling products you're going to need more maintenance due to buildup.
Clippers, scissors - same as combs, but adding bit of mineral oil. I don't polish, but have sharpened scissors once or twice with a Felco 903 to good effect.
Electric hair trimmer - general brushing off loose hair after each use. Disassembly, thorough cleaning and lubrication once a year, otherwise it gets sticky and loses cutting power.
Anything that has contact with soap gets treated with white vinegar once in couple of years (I have soft water). Toothbrush more often.
Can't think of anything else atm.
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