Great! Gillette-crap lose 8 billion dollars.

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if you have a defined target market for your product, the best strategy for upping sales isn’t to crap all over that market by telling them they are responsible for all social ills of society, but that here, use our product, and while you’re using it, think about how much better you can be as a human being, you piece of sh*t.

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all gillette fans here?
This is a wet shaving forum, where the majority of people use DE , SE and straight razors.
We arent Gillette fan boys as I'm sure most of us dont use modern Gillette products (maybe the exception that some of us might use DE razors that arent part of Gillettes modern line up and produced in different countries).

You seem to have some obsessive, personal vendetta against Gillette, which not many of use will care about, which should be clear since most of us here decided to make the shift to a more traditional form of shaving.


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not many of use will care about
This is the crux of the matter, we don't care and this topic was done to death. The search function is really good here btw ;)
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