Good Year Welts

Do you have a rotation of fine English shoes from Grenson, Barkers, Loake, Cheaney, Trickers, Crockett & Jones, Church's, Alfred Sargent or Edward Green.

Sadly I do not have a rotation of 20 good year welt bench mades in shoe trees :(.
I do have three pairs of Cheaney's and a nice pair of van Bommel's :). No shoe trees...
A bit of an obsession for me; Currently have at least one of Loake, Edward Green, Church, Cheaney, C&J, Trickers. From non English makers I have Alden, Carmina and Vass. For a while I lived an hour or so drive away from Vass in Budapest, prices have gone up in the last couple of years but even so they remain in my opinion the best value MTO hand made shoes (although hand welted not goodyear as per the OP).
Had a pair of 8 hole doc martens for about 8 years. sole is looking worse for wear now.
going to the DM shop in Edinburgh soon. going to get 2 pair of boots, black and red, and one pair of shoes.
They are a bit pricey now. But i'm worth it, or something. :)
I have

Classic Black oxford toe cap Loakes
Black Charles Tyrwhitt wholecut oxfords
Burgundy toe cap semi brogue Barkers with a vibram sole
Brown Cheaney Brogues

In real need of some formal boots. Love the Gaziano and Girling boots but can't afford the £1000+ price tag!!