Gillette Tech heads and thoughts.

I've had a hybrid tech, and a few flat bottomed ones too. I couldn't really tell the difference in the shave, to be honest. But then I'm not a huge fan of the RFB in general.
Techs are da bomb!

I just bought a tech from @NatJag , and must credit him for presenting a razor in absolutely tip-top nick. I don't know what version it is, but it looked like new.

I've owned about 15 different razors, and have sold most of them. These days I mostly use my 37c for when there's a few days growth to knock off, and a SS for when things are more under control, as the 37c is almost too efficient for a daily shave.

Having not used a Tech for about 4 years (mine got stolen in a burglary), I am very please to have one again. The Tech may not deliver the most amazing, BBS shave, but I'm not fussed about that any more. What the Tech does do is make life incredibly easy. Load it up, shave with ease, no need to be unduly careful, whiz it around the face 2-3 passes, and there you go - a really fine shave with no effort.
Totally agree,did the same with my Star model 100 Frankenrazor and changing to a heavier handle made it both smoother (don’t know how) and more efficient.
I think it's about weight and pressure. We all wax lyrical about shaving with no pressure but there's a weight behind the razor. Some even say no pressure just let the weight of the razor do the work, but razors are all different weights. To me that suggests we are all actually using pressure to some degree.

Now trying to determine how much pressure to apply or not to apply is hardly scientific, and difficult to control or repeat without some help. Changing the weight of the handle provides the help. I think anyway. One thing is for sure. A heavier handle on a mild razor does not and cannot make the razor more aggressive. It absolutely makes it more efficient though. Whether that is desirable or not is of course personal preference.

I like the Razorock UFO handle on my Tech (and my Game Changer). It weighs about 60g and costs around £20 posted to the UK so it's a great price and great quality. The HD handle is also not bad going around 70g. For me that's as heavy as I want to go. But that's just me.
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