Gillette Slim handled Tech

just north of Denver

This thread helped me learn some new things, like some US made ball end types were made of aluminum. I've handled lots of Techs over the years, but never a lighter ball end like that. I did some reading and sure enough there's some out there.

I figured I might be off when James mentioned the two Tech versions he had weighing about the same, and sure enough, I didn't know as much as I thought I did......heh.

Nothing I hate more than posting incorrect info..........sheesh. Thanks to the other posters who also helped make things clear.

missingskin said:
Both very light but seem to be good shavers when you get used to the weight...........or lack of it ??
I've used them back to back for the last four shaves, and have hard a hard time detecting any difference between the pair of them. However with a Feather blade they give a very impressive shave ;)
I have this exact model, in an old travel kit. I found it in a drawer and tried it out not expecting much.

WOW! Surprisingly nice close shave with a new Astra blade. It's very light in the hand, and actually I quite like that.

This makes me think - I never expected such a good result from such a tiny razor. It only weighs 33g and handle is 71mm long.
I have the pleasure of doing the first razor review in this section of the website.
This razor was given to me by a work colleague.
Its really pretty to look at. Its slimmer than a slim adjustable.
This is a three piece razor. With an Astra blade its shaves beautifully. Very smooth. Very mild.
This is the razor I turn to when I want to be nice to my face.
I totally quote the pairing of this razor with an Astra Platinum. For me, this is the only combination, so far, that provided me two consecutive shaves with literally 0 irritation and perfect BBS (though with several touch ups required). Awesome little razor, perfect particularly when in a hurry or simply to give your skin some rest if you frequently use more aggressive razors. Also paired with Feather would be another great combination, though slightly less smooth for me, but nevertheless very efficient and still very mild.
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