Gillette Silver Blue

What do you mean by "BAD"?
As above, Blade Acquisition Disorder, usually accompanied by RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder) and SAD (Soap Acquisition Disorder) There is a second BAD though, Brush Acquisition Disorder, so be careful of contagion :)

My case was relatively short lived compared to many on here, I only acquired 1,200 blades, 12 razors, 9 soaps and 4 brushes before my Yorkshire Cash Sense kicked in and stopped me from blowing even more money on traditional shaving.

I now only replace used up stuff, or the the odd dodgy brush when they start to shed too much :)
Are you talking 7 o'clock SharpEdge Yellow Pack? If so, they are smoother than GSB, just not as sharp. Like most, I find them to be a very comfortable blade. They will usually last longer than GSB too.
I'd put it the other way round. GSB are smooth for the first shave, while Yellows can be rougher. But for me Yellows are the sharper shave, and get smoother after shave one. Same for Nacets which are pretty much the same as Yellows.