Gillette Nacet any good?

Iv'e ordered some Gillette Nacet to get me back into shaving again. I mostly used 7 o clock yellows and astras when I last shaved.

Anyone got experience with the Nacet blades?

joe mcclaine

The ones that were knocking about 7 years ago were among the best blades I've ever used.

Have no idea about the newer ones.

My guess is they will be identical to the other Russian Gillettes.
North wales
There in my top ten to twelve blades and I have lots of differing blades. Smooth and seem to last well. Not the sharpest of sharp though. But a good day to day blade.

Tbf there isn't that many outright aweful blades out there
Brianpilman said:
Tbf there isn't that many outright aweful blades out there
this is true
i find most blades pretty similar, with a couple of brands at both ends of the scale

i dont mind having cheap blades to use once and bin or more expensive blades that go for 3-5 shaves

it just about finding the best value for your £

at an average of 10 for 100 decent blades that shave twice is decent enoughvalue
Not a lot of talk about these here, but just had a good experience...

I initially tried a Russian made Nacet in my DE89. About average I would say.
On Friday I slipped one into my Black Beauty and what a revelation, both smooth and sharp and still looking good after 5 days using a variety of soaps and creams.
Off the back of this I have just ordered 100 from Jordan for £11.

Just goes to show YMMV from one piece of kit to another
I rank the Nacet Stainless (the Platinum was never made in Russia to my knowledge) as one of the top five current blades made in St. Petersburg. As SeanC discovered, you just have to find the right razor for it. ;)
Plymouth, Devon
2nd ever DE blade I used and had a number of fantastic shaves with them in a 34C HD. The Nacets were my first 100 purchase based on that (limited) experience. I'm looking forward to trying them in some different razors.