Gillette guard

I should point out, I'm not asking for myself.

Just looking for a nice and mild starter razor for MrK1 jr.

He will of course be using a decent soap and a brush.

I think the Bic will he fine for now, maybe move onto the Guard.

TBH - a good scrub with a boar brush will probably give him a BBS by itself.

Thanks for the feedback.
Necromancer here

Seemed better to add to an old thread rather than a new one.

Second shave with this today.

It shaves well, but the experience isn't as luxurious as with a DE.

Really impressed.

Important to note I don't shave ATG only at a 45 degree WTG/XTG

It shaves me as close as my aristocrat jr & rocket HD. Which I feel both shave better/closer than my SS red tip.

My 1 & 2 generation Brit aristocrat (#15 + #21) would beat it for a closer shave but maybe not as comfortable or quick a shave.
The Bic Metal is an excellent razor which is quite close to DE razors. I use to shave with it during my adolescent years in the late 80s.

Regarding disposable razors, I personally appreciate the full black plastic 3 blades disposable by SuperMax (Indian brand?) sold at Savers (about £1 for 10 cartridges and a handle); maybe not adequate for everyone, but it does the job for me.
The Guard is actually classified as a pivoting head SE.
The Guard is not referred to as an SE in that article.
Also the article states:
"The Leaf razor is probably the closest thing to a cartridge razor in this article–"

And then writes about the Guard which is a single blade cartridge razor and the article admits as much:
"Gillette uses the cartridge in their new Treo razor,"
"The Guard uses a proprietary cartridge with a single blade."
Gillette is not pushing the Treo very hard. As a matter of fact I've never seen one in a Walmart (largest Gillette vendor in the USA). I believe it's special order from their website only:

The Guard is the best single blade disposable razor extant IMO. Brilliant simplicity.
Further to my comments above......I bought some guard blades recently to use while travelling. Plastic has become an issue in our house and there is less to throw away!
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