Gillette Fatboy

Pick a number, any number - every one's a winner.
Shave with it.
If it feels like nothing happened and your face is still full of whiskers, turn it up a notch and repeat from step 2. If your face vanished and turned into a side of meat, turn it down a notch and repeat from step 2.

3-4-5 are popular places to start. You can get a good shave at any setting though - really it's what suits you, your face, your technique, your blade.
Sunbury !!
Fido said:
I confess.

I now have a Fatboy purchased from Safety Razors Co.

Come on you fans:

Tips on how to get the best out of it?
Dave the guy who runs Safety Razors UK is great to work with, he replated a Fatboy for me, outstanding work !! :D

If any of you guys want to get a Razor Replated, i really can recommend him and his work...

Fido, how is your new it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet !!

I have found the best for me is with a Feather Blade and Fatboy set to 5

Hunny has it about right. Throw a dice. ;)

Difficult to resist playing with that adjustment dial, whatever setting you choose stick with it until you are used to using it (2 weeks). A feather light touch a mild setting and an extra pass will get you on your'e way.

See DE Razor review for a Fatboy post and more info.

1 - 3 MILD

4 - 6 MEDIUM

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