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Silly Suffolk
Thanks, which bowls do you have?

I should have added a photo for the second option rather than a link. I'm undecided on which one would work better for me.

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I've got a couple of the bowls with handles, per above. The handle makes the bowl very easy to hold without gripping it. My main regret is that he hasn't made any of the "spotty" handled version recently, as I want one to go with the "lined" versions I have.

Whichever you choose, the quality and price of these (plus Made in Britain) is exceptional. They are truly what I would call "heirloom" pieces.
Plymouth, Devon
I have the spotty pedestal bowl (coffee and cream) and the normal bowl (black, brass and blue). They're beautifully made and were a revelation in bowl lathering compared to the green Proraso plastic mug I used originally. They don't make me any less sh1t at bowl lathering but that's operator error!

I heartily recommend Giles' work to anyone interested in a shaving bowl. I like the look of his brushes as well.
I have one of his brush scuttles and also a shaving soap bowl with lid. Both are well designed and made, and to my eyes look very stylish. Of course they're an unnecessary luxury, but at least an affordable one.
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