Gentlemans Face Care Club Shave Cream, I mean, goodness wow!!!

Got a message from GFCC saying if you buy the new peppermint from Amazon and let them know the order number via messanger they will send bergamot and neroli post free uk only
Sunny Sunderland
Postman came with my freebee shaving cream, I bought 1 pot of peppermint for under £6. They sent me 3 free ones. It's good stuff too.
Now that's customer service.
Thanks @ Jenny & GFCC

I have been asked how i got the free-bees
I sent Jenny an email, i think the address is in one of my SOTD's asking how i would be eligible for the free-bee pots. i basically bought a pot of the new peppermint, it is quite good - not too sweet if you know what i mean. Then put an honest review on Amazon.
I also sent jenny an email with the link to my SOTD where i actually used it.
3 pots turned up(y)

Good luck
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