Gentlemans Face Care Club Premium Shaving Cream - £8.47


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Went to have a look. A quick slip of the fingers got me a message-

"We have disabled password hints. This helps keep out unwanted visitors, like you“.

Bloody cheek! I liked their product and had intended to buy some more. They can flipping whistle!
I used to buy it but I got that message a year ago and haven't bought any since. I emailed to tell them but they didn't reply. Stuff 'em.


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This message was invoked because I was careless in entering my password, so, to that extent, it was my fault, but if you're running a customer-facing system it behoves you to ensure that all messages seen by the customer are polite. I'm sure that the message was written by the original developer of the Web system and I'm equally sure it was meant to be replaced by suitable text entered by the system's purchaser. Careless not to have done so and careless not to respond to emails informing them of the issue.
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Whilst I agree that it’s poor of them not to respond to contact emails regarding ordering issues, their cream is still fab and both times I’ve ordered (once on eBay from seller Marks Mancave and once from Amazon during the ‘buy one get two free’ offer) I’ve had no problems.

I have a real soft spot for the ‘Premium’ cream which is basically their original (sandalwood) one renamed, as it was the first ever shaving cream I used when moving away from canned crap. It smells delightful. Quite honestly I’m not sure what sandalwood even is, all I know is that to me this one has a really pleasant vanilla / coconut kind of smell and leaves my face feeling great
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