Frequency of Shaves

Just thought this could be an interesting topic. Clearly its subjective, we all do what suits our own face, there's no right or wrong. . . .

Roughly how often do you shave? (Virtual slap round the chops for anyone who replies "When I need to" !

How many passes do you normally do?

I seem to have found a sweet spot of roughly every other day. I try and leave it a minimum of a day and a half, so if I shave at 10am one day, I'll try not to shave before round 10pm the next day, if I really don't want to leave it 2 days. Anything beyond 2 days and I just find the stubble incredibly annoying. I'm doing 3 pass shaves, WTG, XTG & ATG (no ATG on neck). That said, I do get redness under the jawline on each side. I'm not convinced that going ATG is best for my skin, but I've got so used to the nice smooth feeling, that when I do a 2 pass shave, missing out the ATG from time to time, it just doesn't feel close enough.

One thing I might try for a week or so is shaving every day, but only doing a 2 pass WTG & XTG. Perhaps I'll get less irritation by mowing down less stubble but more often. Anyone else do this? I do feel like I have sensitive skin and fairly course stubble, but I also chuckle at comments like that, because who really knows that they have, unless you line up 10 guys and stroke their beards, then compare the state of their faces to yours after shaving?!

Always toying with the idea of trying a more efficient razor than the DE89. An open comb, adjustable, or an SE maybe. Thoughts?
I shave almost every day (because I need to for work and enjoy it anyway) probably do 6 days a weekend on average and 3 passes.

I used to get a lot of irritation after the ATG pass on my neck so now go both ways XTG there and ATG on the rest of my face.


I suppose, when I feel like it. In general though once every other day as I tend to find it is kinder to my skin and I like to give things chance to settle. Probably a bit of psychology in play here.

Saying that I sometimes do throw a shave in between, choosing a more aggressive razor and just going for a single pass. Last night was just that and felt good for it.

Pre DE days I was quite happy to shave every day and which probably goes a long way to say why I had such redness and irritation.

Now according to Mrs Satanfriendly I am just irritating.
I’ve now been DE shaving for 3 weeks. I’m still experimenting although I do seem to have found what works for me when shaving - 3 pass then touch ups. This may change as I continue to learn.

Years ago I had to shave every day due to my job. Back then I was using carts and every so often I had to skip a day as my skin really struggled. Nowadays at work I don’t have to shave at all and I’ve had an occasional beard.

I’m now wanting to have a cleaner and more professional appearance at work (which is not me saying being unshaven is unprofessional, it’s just my opinion). With DE shaving I’m beginning to find I can shave every day (including a shave last night which was okay, then a shave this morning which was great!). I never ever thought I’d be able to do that without my face burning like a legionnaire’s flipflop.

The DE approach is working for me no end, I just wish I’d taken the step sooner.

I think the biggest thing that allows me to get away with shaving so often now is the pre and post routine. Even if I have a so so shave I can mostly manage to recover my skin with the post routine.

As to how often I shave - now every day (though I might miss out a day on weekends or if I have a really shocking shave and need to give my skin time to recover).

How many passes - 3 (WTG, XTG and ATG) with touchups.

The main reason - I’m absolutely loving DE shaving.
I have to shave every day - I thought this was normal?! I don't want any stubble, and after a couple of days I would definitely have 5mm growth in some patches.

Fortunately DE shaving has been good to me so far, no burn - I'd be happy to shave twice a day if I were going out somewhere special in the evening.

I do 3 passes, but as I'm still new to this if some areas aren't down-the-bone because I've missed them I don't fret about it too much as long as it doesn't look weird (and by lunchtime I'll have growth again anyway). I don't see the point in risking inflicting pain as I'm still learning right now - there's always tomorrow.
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