Fishtail trousers?

Silly Suffolk
Excellent reply ferum and most appreciated. I shall explore those suppliers you made mention of and hopefully find what I am after. I may still look at the tailored bespoke route and I'll try a few local shops for pricing and material choice.

Indeed I am after the fishtail which is very defined and raised at the back and not just simply a 'notch' as you rightfully describe.

Why? I used to have a few pairs well in the past and they are trousers which have always rather suited me. It was a suggestion from my wife as she does like different and she knows what suits me more than I ever do. Plus I do like braces but the usual clip on type never quite look right to me. Buttons are a far more attractive and practical preference.
I've always liked them, and in my suit-wearing days, had my trousers made that way. I also wore them with coloured felt braces, before those became associated with City slickers and Wall Street sharks.

The very high waist is, I think, better suited to those with a slimmer figure. Until I gave up smoking in my fifties, my weight and measurements were the same as in my twenties, and I could carry it off. Alas, not the case now.

I'll be very interested to know how you get on, and where you find what you're seeking.
Blimey, what a Forum. I have only been a member for less than 24 hours and what a wealth of information. Fish tails - excellent. I have always loved the high wasted trouser, with heavily pleated fronts and then sevely tapered to the ankle. More difficult to pull off with the heavier frame and nowdays, tailering and shoe repair skills are virtually gone unless you happen to be in London. I now literally have to send my shoes to London for repair, just can't trust local shoe repairers.

I would also say that now, unless you live in London, people would look at you as if you've just stepped in from Mars, if one saunters in wearing a classy pair of fishtails. I get the same nowdays when I just venture out in a suit in the evenings, but there again who cares!
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