First electric in 28 years

I started shaving in 1983 using a Philips roraty. Not so close but i didn't know anything about proper shaving. Moved to carts in 1998 with mach3 and have been using them until now. After looking at great amazon reviews i bought a Panasonic ES-LV67 with the black friday. Received yesterday and what can i say.. i'm impressed. Visually and touching it's the same feeling i have with a wet-shave. Surely it will last less but i could touch-up in 2 min at night. Really impressed, electrics have come a long way.


Me next, me next, got a razor used it, it was not very good, sent it back.:unsure:
Do I get a prize. :p

Ps will edit or delete if not allowed. (y)
No, no. ‘I got a new razor. It’s the best in the world. I shaved with it...what can I say? The best shave in the world.’

Three days later...

‘I sent it back. I noticed there was stubble after three days.’
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