C'mon, a sample! Ain't too hard to get through a sample! It's taken me over three years to finish off the Cella tub. :)

I always thought that when this Cella was done I'd replace it immediately. Three years later I'm not so sure about the immediately. My soap collection has risen a great deal since then and may soaps have overshadowed it. Still Cella always performed great for me with no issues. It's more of a croap than a cream and can be scooped out into the lather bowl easily. However since it's such a dense cream I sometimes find blobs of soap stuck to the lather bowl when cleaning up.

The soap suffers from the Italian theme of design over function. The bowl looks like it was designed by an artist and stands out in the bathroom manbinet for its damn good looks. However it's too small to easily load a brush from; so thankfully it's soft enough to scoop out of.

I might get this one again, I enjoy the almond scent but my Razorock XXX has come to replace it.

So, thanks for the memories Cella, maybe see you again sometime.