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I've been working through a few samples recently to finish them off.
No longer in my possession are:
Santa Maria Novella - very nice but not worth the cost for me
Wickham Super Smooth Bay Rum - Excellent stuff with a great scent
Wickham Master Lather Cherry Menthol - Another great soap with a unique scent that I love
Bluebeards Revenge - I tried not to like this one (not convinced by the packaging and beard growth reduction claim) but it's a very good/slick cream
IanM said:
My little red tub of Cella got emptied this morning. I have another one, but I think I'll work on something different for a while. Haven't decide what, though.

I've hit the Cella all week hoping to finish off the last bit as I've got a load of new soaps and the Cella has now been with me the longest and probably most used soap.

I thought it would go but there's still enough for 3 or 4 shaves. It's just won't give in - and I tend load heavily.

One of my favourite soaps but the queue waiting to be opened is calling me.
Omp said:
Enabling on a thread where we are celebrating finally finishing products! Surely this is a new low ;-)
The above did make me chuckle ...Mea Culpa... It did make me sort out out all the shave gear into some better order. Decided that i will use the oldest soaps / creams up first and likewise the A/s that i'm a bugger for picking up here and there.
Blah blah but the main one was getting round to finishing blade packs that I had started but never finished. Packs that I was trying out a blade or two but then left to one side.
Sorted out the ones i would still give a go with into one place an chose the likely targets to start with. Must say that hand stropping these before loading up certainly seemed to give a better shave than i remember them giving many moons back.
Still got three shaves out of each blade and made some good inroads into those soaps that keep on going.
Long winded way of saying this > [attachment=11388] down.


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