Nanny's Silly Soap - Cedarwood and Vetyver Hard Shaving Soap - Vegan

Bought this back in 2013 and finally used it up.

NSS doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves for a great British soap and it one of my favourite brands. This was my one and only NSS hard soap and is more difficult to lather than her other tallow soaps. I've found I can only get a good lather with a synthetic brush and I need to load the soap well. However, doing this results in a great lather, refreshing scent and lovely skin conditioning afterwards.
The SS tin was bought separately and is a great size for loading a brush and will be refilled.

Would I buy it again? Well, not this type of soap, I much prefer NSS's "Traditional" range of shaving soaps which contain tallow with which I've had no issues at all. The scent is wonderful though. I still have some NSS soaps left to use but when they're finished I will be replacing them.

NSS Cedarwood and Vetyver.jpg
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Over the last two days scraped the dregs from a jar of Edwin Jagger Cooling Menthol and got to the bottom of 150ml of Gentlemen's Tonic Cream.

Fortunately I have another jar of GT on the shelf as personally I love and rate this cream. If it wasn't for OSP I'd have a cabinet dedicated to the stuff.

The EJ was okayish but nothing to write home about. No dedicated cabinet
So was it any good?
Would you buy it again?
Do you have any other scents from the same company?
How does it compare to other soaps?
Where did you buy it from?
The soap was made by a Greek artisan soapmaker that is a member of the Greek shaving forum and goes by the screen name dimitris. His soaps are made in small patches that sell out really fast. At times he released a bergamot scented soap and one called City Spring. It's been a year since the last time he made any soaps.

Compared to the modern crop soaps this one is hard. It is a tallow based soap and only essential oils are used for the scents. Performance is up there with the best; glide, protection and post shave feell are the strong points of the soap. Its a thirsty soap and some practice is needed to figure out how much water you need to make the right lather.

I would definitely buy again!
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Tub of Gentlemans Face Care Club 'Caribbean Lime' shaving cream finished. This is rather silly but I wouldn't allow myself to open my tube of Truefitt & Hill 'West Indian Limes' until the GFCC was all gone. The GFCC lasted quite a while as you only need a small amount, and it would have lasted a bit longer if I hadn't made the beginners' mistake of leaving the tub in direct sunlight on the tiled bathroom shelf by the window during a blazing hot day, after which most of what was left had turned to watery runny mush. :oops:

Nice stuff but as mentioned elsewhere on the forum, the lime scent is very subtle indeed, in other words, barely there at all. Otherwise this and the GFCC original are nice creams and very good, certainly for the money, around £7 a tub. I wouldn't rule out buying them again but want to try a few other lime creams first
Finished Dr. Jon's Hydra shave soap.

Had this soap for over 4 years now. One of my favourites. Easy to lather, fresh, light scent and great performance. I also have Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny which is a wonderful bay rum scent in the large sized tin. One negative about the Hydra is that the small tin makes loading soap more difficult but this isn't a problem with the larger sized tin version.
Would I buy it again? Maybe not this scent again as I would like to try another Dr. Jon's scent just to see what else he's got.

Finished DrJons Hydra.jpg
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Finished my Grandstaff's "Illipe & Cocoa Butter" shaving soap that I had pushed into my King porcelain soap dish before 2015.
All the Grandstaff's I've used have been top drawer. Really good skin conditioning and great scents. I still have Grandstaff's "Holy Smokes" and "Gardenia" which are fabulous and have very strong scents. The Illipe was a much milder scent.

I've now re-used my dish by pressing in a puck of "i Coloniali Rituals - Mango" new-old stock that I picked up before they stopped doing business. Another great soap worthy of the King dish. I reminds me of Speick soap but more menthol and fruitier. The pack was sealed and bought a few years ago and opening it up it had some whitening of the outside (like an old cheese) but seems to perform just as well from my shave with it today.

Would I buy Grandstaff again? You bet'cha. Only problem that the maker's in the States and not very available but once my soap warehouse is a little smaller I will try and get some more.

Finished Grandstaff.jpg
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