Finished my Speick shaving stick.
I'd got bored using it as a stick and so grated it into a tupperware dish for ease of use.
Verdict: Great refreshing mild scent and easy to lather. When I bought this about 2014 I thought it was one of my top soaps but since then there have been many others that have surpassed it so I can say it's a good soap but not in my top selection.
Would I buy it again? - Probably not; only because there are so many other great soaps to try.

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Finished my tube of Santa Maria Novella pre-shave cream that I started over 3 years ago (in rotation).
It was very expensive but you only need a tiny amount which is helped by the fact that it dispenses a very thin worm of cream. I've used it over 186 times (yes, I have a shaving spreadsheet) so it's actually worked out reasonable.
Performance is top notch, easy to apply and spread, great mild scent.
Would I buy it again? Well I would if I were in Florence.

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Finished my Stirling Bay Rum Soap today after 4 years (in rotation with other soaps).
I got this through @Mr_Smartepants group-buy of Stirling soaps and has been my favourite Bay Rum scent ever since - probably the best Bay Rum scent in the world!
Thanks again Erik, for organising that, what a gent.
This soap gives luxuriously thick lather and really good skin conditioning afterwards.
Would I buy it again? Yep, but need to thin the herd somewhat before adding to it.

My Blade-Bank is full so it's time to empty it out. Handily I managed to fit all the blades into the Stirling soap tub so an easy way of disposing them.