Woburn Sands, Bucks
Drizzled the last couple of splashes from my Acqua di Parma Collezione Barbiere After shave lotion this morning.

I love that fragrance but I cannot see it available anywhere, so it has possibly been discontinued, which would be a great shame.

Fiinally emptied a bowl of TOBs Sandalwood. Making sure the one that's been kicking around longest gets used for day to day shaves. TOBs sensitive gets it next!

A few packs of the odd blade type that are knocking around have been used and off the list too.

Testers of different sorts have been flying off the 'shelf' thanks to lots of working away. other news way too many and varied things bought & waiting to start thanks to said working away!
Fox said:
Finished quite a few bits lately.

Nanny's shave soap - Bamboo sample all gone now which I enjoyed.
Keneth Cole - Reaction Had this since it's launch back in 2004 I think? May buy a another bottle though smaller if such a thing exists.
Mikes Soaps - Barber Shop bar all gone though I did share half of the bar with various people. Another on order, you know who you are thank you!
Al H said:
Griffo said:
In the last month I've finished a tub of Cella and a Wilkinson Sword blue tub of soap.

So in just over 2 and a bit years of shaving I've actually managed to finish:
Wliko blue tub
Proraso green tub
TOBs avocado
Palmolive cream
anyone who can actually finish a tub of wilky blue deserves massive respect
Did he have a blade in his razor?
Actually it's my third tub and yes I did have a razor blade in my razor - I even did a full Wilkinson Sword shave at the weekend, razor. blade, brush and soap.

I actually quite like the soap, ok it's not top rank but I always get a decent lather and shave from it.

I'll duck out now :icon_razz:


Brentwood, Essex
Le Père Lucien after shave - been using this pretty much non-stop since getting it (

After long term use I have found that it makes my skin very oily which would be great if I had dry skin but is too much with my oily skin. I won't be replacing it.
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