Hampshire, UK
Finished quite a few bits lately.

Nanny's shave soap - Bamboo sample all gone now which I enjoyed.
Keneth Cole - Reaction Had this since it's launch back in 2004 I think? May buy a another bottle though smaller if such a thing exists.
Mikes Soaps - Barber Shop bar all gone though I did share half of the bar with various people. Another on order, you know who you are thank you!
Al H said:
Griffo said:
In the last month I've finished a tub of Cella and a Wilkinson Sword blue tub of soap.

So in just over 2 and a bit years of shaving I've actually managed to finish:
Wliko blue tub
Proraso green tub
TOBs avocado
Palmolive cream
anyone who can actually finish a tub of wilky blue deserves massive respect
Did he have a blade in his razor?
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