West Yorkshire
TOBS Sandlewood cream... and just getting to the end of my Cella (but I've got a new 1kg block to replace it)
Getting quite low on my Nanny's soaps too, one soft soap one hard soap... could be buying a whole new load before too long
Colchester, Essex
Apart from some trumper samples only a sandalwood and eton college TOBS cream with a almond one nearly done as well prior to my de days I have half a stick of Palmolive and a black tub of wilkinson shave soap which must have been before they made the blue tub?
12 months - crabtree and Evelyn sandlewood soap (didn't protect my skin too well) and a tube of ingrams (loved it over the summer months)
Now onto nivea cream (less than 1 euro a tube in Germany)
The Shire
In about 5 years I have gone through 2 tubs of Body shop shaving cream (not macca root though, think it had sesame oil in it), 1 Wilkinson sword bowl soap, 1 TOBS real shaving shop and one sandlewood cream.

I have also used around 3/4 of a stick of palmolive and probably around 3/4 of a puck of Tabac both of which are in current use.
Since I started DE shaving - 1 tube of Palmolive.

I can see the bottom of the tubs of a Wilkinson Sword blue tub, Proraso green and a TOBS avocado but I reckon they will still last in to the new year as I kepp trying new stuff out.

I have found that using a Chubby 2 is a great way to get through soaps. If it wasn't for me using the Proraso for a week solid with it to get used to it I still think there would be half a tub of Proraso left.
Kent, England
Since i started DE shaving.

- 1x Proraso Soap (small)
- 1x Proraso Aftershave lotion
- 1x Proraso Pre/Post Cream
- 1x Lea Stick
- 1x Palmolive stick
- 1x Spieck Aftershave lotion

I have my 6x favourite soaps in rotation, so they should last me a couple of years.

I did get a TOBS Jermyn St cream down to about 1/3, but moved that on with my less liked soaps/creams a while back.
I've never finished a 'soap' dish, but have used up 2 x tubes of Palmolive shaving cream, and one tube of Derby 'lemon' shaving cream. I just love the action of squirting out a tube, & whipping it up in my bowl!
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