Finished BrushWorks Scanlon Re-knot

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
I've had this prepared handle and knot kicking around for ages as an unfinished job when I sorta let shaving take a back burner for a year or so.

Details are entirely forgotten, but I do know it's a BrushWorks Scanlon which must have come with a badger knot or some uninspiring synthetic for me to have drilled it out. I do recall boring the handle out a little as I wanted a bigger knot and can find receipt evidence or buyng a Cashmere knot at 24mm, so I think that's the specifics.

Here's the finished article ...

A-ha! I've found an older photograph. Looks like the knot simply came out with mole grips and a twist. Seemingly, I thought the knot too rubbish to even try to save. You can see the hole is bored out a little and smoothed, ready for the next knot.

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