Figaro Crema De Barba

Wednesday March 20, 2013

Has anyone used this and is it any good?

How goes it compare to Cella / Vitos?

I am hoping to get some of this and some Proraso Green from Italy.

Kind regards,

Friday August 21, 2015
I use it and it is very good, the red(normal) is the best one with nice and subtle almond scent, produces a very thick, slick and cushiony lather easily in no time, very good soap(soft soap/croap).
Gold and Black ones are special edition, Gold one has that P.Robane 1Million kind of scent, I don't like that and similar scents so I don't like the Gold one.
Black one has a strong Satsuma/Tangerine kind of scent and again I didn't like it, it wasn't nice(to my nose).
Conclusion; I don't know if the Special edition versions have the same formula as the Original(Red) Figaro, if so, you decide which one depending on your scent preference. I did have the Black and Gold ones but because I didn't like the smell I did get rid of them, and I can't remember if they performed as good as the Red one because I only test lathered.
If you buy the Red one, it is a wonderful, great performing Almond scented, inexpensive soap.
I hope I managed to explain and I hope it helps.
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