February Acquisitions

just north of Denver

Well hell, I recently hadda buy more shaving crap! Yep, there's a cream that's been in the rotation for many years ( J. Peterman 1903) and a couple old soaps. Sheeesh!

The Floris NIB bowl has the good ingredients, and still smells just like the stuff I had used 10 years ago. Looking forward to plenty of great shaves with that item.

The Bvlgari soap happens to be inna flavor I like (Black) and actually have enjoyed wearing the EdT in the past. The soap smells similar but more subtle, which is fine and the ingredients are promising. So far only tried it once to see what's up performance wise and so far it's nice. I need to use it a few more times for maximum dialing in but that's typical of trying a new cream or soap.

Man, it don't never end,



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