February 2019 acquisitions



No worries, also my advice on cleaning; Usually most Rolls Razors strops have been treated with a Rolls Razor strop paste, it is a thick, red colour paste in a round Bakelite small tub that looks very cool. First with very light-almost no pressure rub the strop with a coarse sand paper/emery cloth and do the same thing with a finer grit. Then clean/nourish/treat the strop with lanolin based saddle soap or neats foot oil or almond oil. If you think that you applied too much oil, just pat try with paper towel.
To clean and service the rest of it; Use lighter fluid to get rid of the oil/grime and metal dust on the hone but make sure lighter fluid doesn't touch the strop. After cleaning, you can apply little bit 3in1 or Gun oil(Bisley is my favourite) to the mechanism.
Invaluable information
I've picked up a few new razors: Wolfman WR1-SB Antique Bronze/Darwin, Wolfman WR2-DC/WRH7 Titanium, Gillette New on a Bob's Razor Works Bull Mastiff handle, Blackland Blackbird Machined, Asylum Evolution Black Oxide, and Asylum Evolution Machined. I probably will not keep all of them.
Nice haul.

You don't do anything by halves do you???
Probably my No 1 Shaving Product discovery of 2018 - Cold River Soap Works Moisturising Aftershave.
Alcohol free; it is a thin emulsion with a truck-load of the better skin care ingredients. It has a delightful light fresh barbershop fragrance.
It is supplied in a spray bottle which atomises beautifully - 4-5 light pumps and your entire face and neck is lightly covered.
Stocking up ;).

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