February 2019 acquisitions

At times it was so good it had me contemplating selling my record deck.

I would never sell my Oracle and Rob998 is waiting for the day I drop dead so he can get his hands on it

I have to admit I have a small Marantz one box does it all including streaming and even at that level it is very acceptable :rolleyes:
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A bit different to what you normally go for though.
Cheers! Yes, it most certainly is ...

Recent life changes have meant that I'm not driving much at all at the moment - my (old) car stays at home. I've done the whole SAAB thing now and all things considered, I don't really like their last crop. Truth be told, I really regret letting the previous 9-5 go. But, never look back! Times have moved on, too. The days of testing our actual top speed on the motorway are long gone and really, having a circa 300 BHP car is limited to a few thrills on the odd country lane and the occasional slide off a large roundabout. My requirements for a car are very simple: it works, I fit in it, it fits my sports gear.

Finding myself buying a 1 litre 3 cylinder car was a surprise to me, too!

On the test drive today while I knew what I was in for, I actually found it did not disappoint. Sure, it's not the high pressure turbo that I'm used to but it did have some pelt from standing start and certainly enough to burst into traffic from side roads and safely slide into motorway traffic. It does sound a tad funny, but I think once we're all used to how this new trend of engines sound it'll be fine. I just think of it as a turbocharged bike engine under the hood. I went in for the basic model but they offered me the upgraded showroom model for the same deal, so I got another couple of grands worth of extra gadgets and gizmos for free.

It's a complete change. I'm happy to embrace it.
Bought this brush off the Etsy store of Wild West Brushworks after deciding to add a Cashmere knotted brush to my small collection. Smashing brush being super soft and the colours are marvellous. The company is great to work with, fast service and postage.(note this sports a badger knot off website, not available outside CONUS)

Wild West Brushworks-Dark Berry.jpeg
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