Feather Proguard, AC blade !

I did used the Pro guard in my Feather Shavette and the General S/e. I found the first 2/3 shaves a bit rough but after that there were great for the next 15 shaves. I then found soft guard blades which seem to suit me better, I get a BBS from the first shave no need to break the blade in so to speak, but I only get about 8 shaves per blade, but as a daily shave blade much better.


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^^ That is how it's written if you want to search in Japanese. It should give you more results but you may already have found the cheapest.
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Thanks for your tip @mpf9ret
I've been using my ATT SE1 razor with a variety of blades (Feather Pro, Pro Super, Kai Captain) but all have been way too harsh for me as a daily shaver. I picked up a packet of Pro Guard imported as you explained and have a couple of shaves to date.
Completely changed the razor. Now I'm getting an easy BBS with just the right amount of aggression and has saved the ATT SE1 from the maybe-oneday-cupboard.
Not sure how many shaves the blade will last but it looks like I'll be buying some more.
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