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I have about... ten favourite band/artists. I grew up listening to Yes, Who and Led Zeppelin, then Clash, Simple Minds and Cure. But as a bass player I'm devoted to Jaco Pastorius. Anyway... My fav band is Rush and my artist is Peter Gabriel ( post Genesis ).

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I've never got into JK&TP other than the hits (but there's plenty of time yet!). Interesting connection to the pub rock and early post-punk scenes.
Yeah most definitely.When they became The Pirates they kicked off the whole pub rock scene influencing many bands who would later be involved in the first wave or British punk.They are known as the godfathers of Punk.Quite understandably.Johnny kid & the pirates are one of timeless British rock 'n' roll bands that still sound fresh imo.R.I.P Johnny kid & Mick Green.


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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
I have too many 'favourites' to list, so if I may, I will list three, the #1 spot changes depending on mood or reasoning:

1) Iron Maiden
2) Pink Floyd
3) Rammstein

I've seen both Iron Maiden and Rammstein, and I would have dearly loved to have seen Pink Floyd. Both Maiden and Rammstein put on an INCREDIBLE live show, the likes of which MUST be experienced.
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