Ey'up from University of York

Hey guys,

Here comes another newbie! My kit consists of a Merkur Progress with Derby Premium blades, Arko classic shaving gel and an alum block. Now I'd like to give a chance to shaving creams and soaps hence I'm looking forward to hearing Black Friday offers for Kent BK8 silvertip badger brush on the official website of them.

Best wishes,

If the Black Friday plan falls through here is my plan B. for you.

Sign up for costco.co.uk online, then wait for a month, they might send you a £10 off voucher for any online purchase. No guarantee that this will happen but it did for me. Then buy a BK8 from them for £39.99 with your voucher, even if you don't get a voucher or you get impatient they are still only £49.99 which is still a great price.

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