Extro Cosmesi Soap Review Thread

It's been a little quiet here lately so I think the place needs some more of my inane ramblings.

Extro reviews are generally pretty hard to come across so I thought I'd start a thread that can provide a single point of reference for them. Happy for others to chip in with their experience as well.

I have a reasonable number of candidates to test:


Starting Monday, I will use each of these and report back here.

There's an added Boycie bonus though! I will also take you all on my journey with my new Blackbird (thank you @Satanfriendly ) which I will use for the duration of this endeavour.

Riveting stuff, right?


1 (what I think is a) monk. Doesn't bode well for a fun time!
I wouldn't rush to judge the party potential of the good Brother - could turn up with an awesome carry out - have you ever drunk Trappist beer? No wonder they can't speak. Most famously Buckfast is made by monks - a genteel tonic wine for most - but generally a precursor to most egregious violence where I live - ideally suited to hand to hand combat - ha ha - I.
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