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First of I’d like to say that I have no links to ES who are less than hours drive away from me but I haven’t visited they’re shop yet . I understand and appreciate that they are a small business that won’t always be able to compete on price as they won’t have the buying power of large company’s . But what they can do is support you with knowledge built up from years of trading in this market
I personally would rather pay a few quid more and support a local company that pays they’re tax in GB than a certain organisation that has a pi@@ poor record of employment rights and an even worse record of avoiding paying money into our tax system
However it’s everyone’s right to choice where they hit the button and spend they’re cash
There's no need to shop at Amazon or Ebay, there are a few UK based places to get your shaving goodies at very competitive prices. In many cases even smaller than ES and I'd rather support them, additionally, I don't feel an ounce of remorse. When I'm in London I always visit TOBS, Harris, TFH, etc
Yeah their DE blade prices are bonkers.
I got an email off them the other day about saving money by bulk buying blades. There was a link to 100 blades (Gillette Silver Blue). They were asking £60 for them (they were £70) :oops:.

I've bought the identical blades and amounts for £13 elsewhere.

Other things I have bought from them have been reasonably priced or as cheap as everywhere else. I've never used their customer service, but I have heard great things about it.
Hi, I bought some bits and pieces from them a while ago and on receipt noted one thing was a lot smaller for the price than I thought it would be. After a couple of emails they sent me a complimentary soap. Their customer services is excellent, I do agree that some of the products are very expensive.

I find some stuff at ES well priced but other stuff is just bonkers. Here's a couple of examples:

Super ShaveX blades - £16.80 at Connaught or £60 at ES:

Proraso Red 400ml aftershave - £15-17 on the bay or £33 at ES:


I have used them a number of times and always received first class service. You just have to price check like you would for anything else and if overpriced, go elsewhere.

I will say though I think it is important that we keep these small business interests going and especially those with an actual shop. There is nothing more comforting than being able to walk in to a premises, browse at leisure and take in the aroma which goes with the experience. Especially as there isn't much to go at outside of London. The only ones I know of bar one or two smaller interests as a side line to their main business are.

The Groom Room in Dundee
Executive Shaving
The master barber Southport (although a barbers it is well stocked)
Traditional shaving Co Leeds

Probably not the cheapest but I tend to buy when I visit as a matter of keeping them turning over and keeping this small market alive. It can't be easy for any of them and more so in these strange days.
Both Connaughts and Executive Shaving are UK businesses, both are VAT registered, both offer good customer service. Connaughts charge £16.80 for 100 Shave X blades; Executive Shaving charge £60. We are not talking an extra 20% or 30% here but well over 300% that Executive Shaving is charging unsuspecting customers. I call that sharp practice! and there are other products where Executive Shaving charge many times over the market rate. It no doubt catches the many shavers who do not frequent shaving forums and are unaware of the going rate. Ask yourself how you would feel if you paid £60 for 100 blades that can be readily purchased for less than £17. There are other less courteous names for this type of business model! I will not shop with them...
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There are many shops that sell a good range of shaving items, although in York we have lost an independent perfumery, a barber, a tobacconist, and a high end product store that all sold Italian and London shaving products. We only have a Penhaligons and Mullen and Mullen left.
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