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Today I carried out some small jobs about the house for an elderly neighbour! When I was finished we sat down for a chat and came on the subject of vintage razors and shaving in general!
He disappeared for 5 mins and returned with an old suitcase! Inside were various a keepsakes but he took out what looked like a sack cloth! Inside the wrapped cloth were 2 bakelite boxes in immaculate condition! I was even more shocked when I opened the boxes to see mint condition ever ready razors inside with brand new blades and instruction leaflet! I was later gifted these cracking razors as payment for my hours of work about this gentlemans house!! The head is stamped with 1912 but the handle is not one I am familiar with! So basically can anybody tell me what I inherited for my blood sweat and tears today?[attachment=11350][attachment=11351][attachment=11352]



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What you have been gifted is one of the best razors I have used and owned. Not worth a lot in monetary terms to be honest, but absolutely fantastic shavers that are (in shaving terms) worth their weight in gold.
Stick a blade in and enjoy them! :)

Oh almost forgot, they are eveready 1912's
I'm pretty new to SE shaving and I have a 1912 in my collection but it has the more ornate patterned handle! Just wondered if this was a different model! So obviously 1912 comes with varied handles then!!
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Go and speak to Paul (pjgh) or Norfolk Dick, they know their SE stuff but I think you will find as a general rule of thumb that a lot of the handles were interchangeable and old stock was often used. The chain link pattern on the 1912's are common (like this one) but it could come with a different one and not be unusual in that.

A 1912 will have Pat'd 1912 stamped around where the handle screws in, like this one has, hence being called 1912s! Even though they were all made after 1919!
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That is gold, my friend! GOLD!

What a great gift, and what a lovely return to be able to carry on shaving with that lovely razor.

Right - I call that handle a chain mail handle. It will be heavy, as heavy as any from the '30s. It was an alternative style in that era. Later, much later (like the '50s), that handle was reproduced in aluminium and released in a plastic box as a 'Peerless' razor. That's another nice catch, so look out for one of those as a complimentary razor.

Yes, the 1912 patent was retro-applied. All "1912s" were post-1919, after GEM and American Safety Razor merged. Prior to that, GEM had the 'Damaskeene' which was dropped in 1919 and the so-called 1912 released. Prior to 1919, ASR had what we call the 1914. ASR were bigger and absorbed GEM. But that's another history lesson ...

What you've got there is gold! Okay, it's a pretty common combination in that box and with that handle, but less common that the same combination with the chain link handle. It's a great catch, whatever and a great story with it!
Here's mine in a silver tin, possibly '20s:

... and a 'Peerless'

Corrux blades, again :D

... and my Chain Mail handle in the same case as yours, guessing '30s:

Have you seen this one before Paul? I scored in a deal as part of a Two-Tix grooming kit on eBay. I paid £8 for it. There's no way that puppy was an original part of the kit. They had Techs as far as I can gather. It's lovely looking razor and the handle is aluminium. Not used it yet but I'm itching to.


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