Electric coffee grinder

North East
Been using pre ground coffee for my aeopress until i recently got a manual grinder from istanbul..
Definitely nicer with freshly ground coffee,, but takes ages to grind 2 scoops..
So how long do electric grinders take to grind, approx 15 - 20 gr
Xmas can't come fast enough

It takes me about a minute to hand grind 15 grams or so with my Japanese Porlex hand grinder. The coffee doesn't get hot and it's not as noisy as an electrical grinder. The results are wonderful. What's wrong with that? I used to use a bean to cup machine, but I find the hand grinder with the Aeropress much more satisfying. I don't use an electric grinder for the same reason I don't use an electric razor... Coffee, like shaving, is me-time...
Either that or I have turned into an old git...
I have an old Turkish grinder that to be honest, rarely gets used. It's settings range from 'dust' to 'espresso' grind, two blade grinders and a cheap burr grinder.

A nice blade grinder is a better value than a cheap burr grinder, and will last longer.

Here in the States, a decent burr grinder starts at $50-80, whereas a decent blade grinder is about $20. You can find cheap burr grinders in the $30-40 range, but they are usually so cheaply made, you won't be able to get a consistent grind out of them.

Regardless of what grinder you get, they all produce coffee grounds in about ten seconds or less.
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