Dr. Martens

For years I have believed that Dr. Martens (DMs) were worn by beatniks and punks.

Now in my (relatively) early 70’s, I now own 6 pairs. I buy them, mostly off eBay, half a size above my normal shoes and they are amazingly comfortable, sturdy and cope with my bunions with no probs.

I should add that my wife, a tad younger, has 4 pairs of DM boots
Has anyone else suffered shoe regression?
Rebublic of Scotland
Doc Martins Must be the Crappiest Most Uncomfortable Boots Ever made for Walking any Distance In..I never Understood the Doc Martin thing..I Remember a Guy was Charged with " Self Inflicted Injury" Under "Section 69" Army Act when I was in the Royal Marines because he Ruined his Feet Wearing Doc Martins when he was Warned about them & that was Way back in the late 70s..:D:D

Minneapolis MN USA
I had both the shoes and boots years ago. I currently have a vintage pair in Aztec that I like. Dr Martens uses all contact manufacturing and current quality/size can vary. I have a pair of Solovair in black that I also like, made in England, and some available in 1/2 sizes.
I love DMs. I own 4 pairs. A pair of cherry and black classic boots, a pair of black boots for work and a brown pair of desert boots. Never worn anything as comfy as Docs.
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