Dovo/Merkur factory visit 21.Sep 2019 / Forum der Rasur user meet

Wiesbaden, GER
We had a very fascinating visit yesterday. Approx. 14 users of the newly founded german 'Forum der Rasur' visited Dovo/Merkur factory in Solingen.
Lead by the director of Dovo/Merkur himself we were taken through all phases of straight razor production. No question was left unanwsered, amazing person the director Hr. Wiethoff. He's leading DOVO for 15yrs now and - knows.
Unfortunately saturday no one is working there, so the machines stood still.

We discussed a special DE version for the Forum, but doubted to be able to order 1000pieces... Hr. Withoff must have really liked our group. After dropping that he still has a box of Vision DE's 'somewhere', we brought up the topic in the remaining tour so often that he must have become pity with us poor enthusiasts... and before leaving the factory he brought this box half full of Visions out of the storage- and we could each take oneo_O I have never seen so many grown men so speechless.

After the factory visit we went to the Industrial Museum. The Museum is basically an old Drop Forge Factory (Henrichs) which went out of commercial business in 1986. We got a private quick 1hr Tour (machines were running) and saw some drop forging. There are still some products made there today, like scissors (i bought one :)

Afterwards we had a very decent meal in the greek restaurant (in the villa of the Henrichs is now a reaturant) and spent the afternoon/evening with showing swords and talking razorish.

It was splendid!

You need to be a member of the forum to see the whole documentary of this visit:ückblick-ut-solingen-22-9-2018.1116/

I'll try to upload some of my pictures here.
Nice pics - you might consider deleting 3 of your 4 posts though ;)
I did consider coming, but an eight-hour drive each way was a bit much. I'm not getting any younger.
The FdR user meeting in London earlier this summer was far less popular and exciting.
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