Dovo Inox Stainless Steel Handle

If the item wasn't 100% produced in the past it should be openly stated. Writing "NOS" implies to many the contrary. The sellers certainly should know if *grinding* occurred then or now, anyone who does not is not very serious about their wares. Obviously any firm that's doing grinding and also retailing knows damn well the answer here.
Perhaps there should be a more accurate description - it is somewhat misleading. I bought 2 shave ready "NOS" sheffield razors from an East European Ebay seller a while back. Clearly the scales were newly made and not original, the blade had been polished and an edge put on. It wasn't a problem to me the razors had zero hone wear and the edge was as near new as can be with a shave ready edge. I feel I was buying razors that were newly assembled and had not had any use or wear. They are two of my favourites.
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