Dorco - Trial Run Combo Pack

Hi guys,

Just before Christmas I ordered the trial pack from Dorco (

It contains 2 x 3 blade razor, 2 x 4 blade razor and 2 x 6 blade razor together with an interchangeable handle.

I chose this pack as I was interested in comparing them to the subscriptions blades I had got from Cornerstone and the Bearded Colonel (both of which caused me a lot of irritation under my neck)

I used each blade for a week (Mon-Sun 6 shaves) with a variety of shave creams (TOBs Peppermint, TOBs Sandlewood, Simpsons Vanilla & Rose). I had previously been using Mach 3 by Gillette. Each shave I did with the grain and across the grain.

3 Blade
I thought this would give me a similar shave to the Mach 3, but it was a little disappointing; it glided well but there didn't seem to be as much 'grab' of the hairs. It was almost as if it slid too well.

4 Blade
This gave me a closer shave, with some slight irritation under the neck, in general I was happy with the result but it still wasn't as close as the Cornerstone/Bearded Colonel shave I was getting.

6 Blade
I'm pleased to say I didn't get any irritation using these blades; however for me the head was just too big, I found it difficult to shave under my nose as the head was really big, to be honest the shave didn't feel any closer than the 4 blade.

Dorco have currently got an offer on for buy 1 get 1 free so in the end I ordered a set of 4 x 3 blade razor and got 8.

Now off to play with my new creams I bought (Proraso, Palmolive and Ingrams)
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