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I'm in need of registering a domain, and linking professional email accounts to the domain. Wondering if you have experience of the typical companies offerng these services. Such as:

GoDaddy &
123 Reg.

Other than price are there are any experiences out there of their flexibility, reliability and ease of use?

Regards, Richard
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Our company works with 123reg, GoDaddy and Fast Host with about 600 domain under our belt (don't ask why [emoji43]).

123reg gives me the best prices and service. This is purely UK based with UK customers services and support.

GoDaddy although have a UK base you usually end up talking to someone in Ohio.

Fasthost are local to us here in the West country but can be fairly expensive. Service is ok and you usually get to talk to someone in the Philippines or India.
For email use Google Apps for business. Sure it is expensive but it packs a lot of features.

I would not trust the likes of 123reg 1&1 to open a packet of crisps properly never mind handling email. 123reg just about manage to go a week without suffering a denial of service attack or deleting DNS records randomly.

For domains I would buy them through AWS and stick them on Route 53. AWS even provide email now but I am not sure how feature complete it is.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. For the ease of use & cheapness; used Google for the domain name, and Gsuite for email.

I'll work through your suggestions on website hosting. That is next on my list.

Regards, Richard
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