Does wet shaving make you an angry and bitter person?


Watching conversations on several other forums it strikes me that those involved in this ‘friendly’ community actually all just hate one another.

Mods on the other forums, save for perhaps here, jump into topics with such vitriolic diligence it’s frightening.

I always thought it was a joke that on another site there were conversations regarding firearms. Looked for the first time in the off-topic section and indeed popular threads on handguns; ultimately items designed to kill people or animals.

I hope that you all realise now the egregiousness of buying some soap as a group or creating a rather interesting shaving magazine and put this in perspective. :D
g-train said:
You want some too?
Being an American on a site that is largely peopled by those who have been declined membership of B&B places G-train in a difficult position, what with all the mocking and criticism of US culture I think he puts up with a lot with amazing good grace.
This is something I have experienced myself.
I once worked briefly on a caravan site in the south of France under the supervision of an Australian who did not like poms and in particular poms who shaved with C&E Almond - and I was the subject of constant mocking on this and many other subjects.
So eventually I asked him what would he prefer me to smell of - shit? - his response was that at least I would smell like all the other poms.
Now at this point I am supposed to say that I tore off my shirt revealing a manly torso, put up my fists and gave the blighter a damn good thrashing for his impertinence but I have to say that I am not made of such stuff - I simply told him to go fuck himself.
Soon after that some money came through and I was able to return to the UK leaving behind an antipodean who is no doubt still telling anyone who wants to listen that not only do poms stink they are also very rude!
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