Did I do OK?

Just won this on E-Bay, takes me back to when I started shaving 41 years ago!

An unused boxed Gillette Techmatic plus two blister packed blade cartridges and an instruction leaflet- all for the princely sum of £16 plus £2.95 postage.

Was I robbed? :eek:
Personally, I've found them to give a really nice shave. The wide head works well. It is imperative that you have a good spool though and this is where the razor falls down - there are very few good spools, even less new and fully packaged and even less than that well stored to ensure a good shave.

Either way, it's a really nice piece of history.

I have the one in the white case with the slide back lid. Very retro.
Well it arrived-
a new unused razor with a unused cartridge fitted plus two unopened cartridges in blister blacks. A original instruction booklet and a box.

Of course I had to try it out- twas the first razor I had years ago when I was 15, I'm 66 now! Yes- they are that old. In fact it worked ok, but I wouldn't bother again.

I'll probably sell it on.