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Hi Admin,

Please can you permanently delete my account. Too many haters here these days compared to when I first joined a few years ago. I no longer wish to be part of this community.

If I need to send an e-mail to someone please advise to whom. I want to submit a formal GDPR request.

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I'll be honest, I enjoy bit of intense banter, but it only works with people who you know are up for it. You get the best fun out of it, on both sides, when it's slowly built up to the point where you can call each other the "C" word and it's taken as a term of endearment.

So, in my opinion it's absolutely fine to take the piss out of anyone for whatever their beliefs are, but it's probably a good idea to go in gently (as in so many things in life) and gradually ramp up the abuse, and to expect a similar level of response.

The difficult thing is judging how far too far is too far!

@new2DE, if you feel you can take the heat, it would be great if you stayed as a member here, because I would be interested in learning about more ethical products etc. For instance I'm not keen on badger brushes because I'm aware that most Chinese badger farms aren't the most humane places on the planet, but, in contrast, I love eating meat. I try to buy meat that has been ethically raised and humanely slaughtered, and yes, I'm aware of the irony and ecological aspects...

Please stick around @new2DE, a good forum needs a good, diverse, member base, and you will certainly contribute to that.
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This is a shaving forum, that other stuff is somewhat political in nature. @new2DE, why don't you take part in our shaving conversations and have other discussions on forums that were set up for that. I don't think folks here are haters, I think you need thicker skin. We're just a bunch of regular guys relaxing on a forum, not here to make a stand, or take part in a protest. There's enough of that everywhere else, we come here get away from that and play with our little razors and stuff.


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I have graciously acceded to this former member's request.

For the record, I believe everyone has the right to take a moral standpoint on whatever they wish. It is right and proper that they do so. They can seek information and opinions from others here to help remain within their self-chosen guidelines. They must not, however, start to proclaim that their views are, de facto, correct and demand everyone else follow their lifestyle choices.
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