December 2018 Acquisitions

Seattle, WA, USA
Two new Charcoal Goods razor handles arrived today, an antique brass torpedo and a hammered satin stainless. Unfortunately, the seller packed them loose in the box - a very bad idea - and this is how they came, having bounced around against each other for the 7 days it took the USPS to deliver the "Priority" box.

I'm hoping to be able to polish out the little dings they acquired, and then I'll use them with my Weber, Feather, Paradigm, Wolfman, and RazoRock heads.

It's really disappointing when a seller puts so little care into the packing.
bottle of Patrick edt. as the name suggests, it's Irish. the logo design is based on The book of Kells text so despite going for the full cliche approach to sales it is a beautiful manly green scent. Lovely :)
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