DE Razor Clogging

I'm quite tempted to recommend the R2 as I have one I want to offload, but TBH ATT razors don't seem to work for me, I'd prefer a larger gap and less exposure.
I wasn’t a fan of the M2 I tried. The teeth felt sharp so I think I’m out in terms of ATT OC’s. I tried it alongside an iKon OC and found that much better, though I passed that on anyway as I was getting too much irritation. May try a cheap OC again one day like a Fatip Piccolo.

Went back to the M1 today using the lathering advice from this thread (add plenty of water!) and the head managed not to clog, which considering I had 3 days worth of fuzz to remove says to me that I received good advice on here about a less thick lather, so thanks.

The quality of the ATT stuff is superb, it’s in a different league to the DE89 (no I haven’t tried the SS one). I don’t know what it is with the DE89, but a few times I’ve had really uncomfortable shaves with it, and I don’t mean post shave due to having to go over stuff again and again (I try not to do this anyway but it always leaves more stubble than I’d like even after 3 passes), but actually during the shave itself. I can’t figure it out. I do decent prep & not a steep angle, could it be the way the blade is held or something? Just feels kind of painful and awkward almost like the exposed blade ends are catching on me repeatedly though I know they aren’t, if that makes sense. ATTs have exposed tabs (I’d prefer if they didn’t) and I don’t get that feeling with the M1. Anyway, lather advice here was great and it felt great to go from DE89 back to ATT
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It’s sensible to seek out an R1 plate to go with the M1 into your arsenal, so M1 for one day’s growth and the R1 for several. I too found the OC plates to have sharp teeth (R2). I echo the common advice to hydrate your soap or like the vast majority on here get more makes of soap! [emoji6]
The only razor I have an issue with clogging is my 'braveheart'. Every other razor I have cleans nicely with a submersed shake in hot water. Don't know what it is about the Braveheart, must be the blade angle or something, very irritating seeing all that gunk jammed in it LOL
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